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Q. What are your age and licence requirements for renting a car?
Drivers must be between 23 - 65 years old and in possession of a valid local or international driving licence with qualified driving experience of at least one year. Probational licence holders will not be accepted.

Q. What discounts do you get?
Members of Frequent Flyer Programmes enjoy attractive discounts.

Q. Can cars be delivered to a specified location?
Yes. However, delivery fees will be levied depending on the distance of specified locations.

Q. Can cars be dropped off at another Location?
Cars can be dropped off at another Car-Asia location nationwide. However, a repositioning fee will be levied in accordance with the distance of the location from the initial renting location.

Q. What are the modes of payment?
Our payment systems are easily accessible. Any modes of payments are available.

Q. What should I do if my car breaks down?
Kindly call our 24 hour assistance at Fastlane. The telephone number will be furnished upon your taking possession of our vehicle.

Q. How do I get maps and directions?
Our cars are equipped with the latest GPS technology at your disposal. Moreover, all of our Car Asia Travel counter staff are well knowledgeable to assist you in directions and enquiries.

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